Presentation of PEPRS at UNESCO

On September 16th, a presentation on the work of the PEPRS project was made to Mr Janis Karklinš, Assistant Director-General for UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector by the two co-directors of the PEPRS Project, Françoise Pellé, Director of the ISSN International Centre and Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA.

The meeting was an opportunity to raise awareness of the Keepers Registry (the forthcoming re-branding of the PEPRS Beta service) at UNESCO, to find out about the involvement of UNESCO in the area of digitisation and digital preservation and to discuss ways to present jointly the work of the PEPRS project in an international context.

As an example of involvement in the field it was reported that UNESCO, together with the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and the International Council on Archives (ICA), are jointly organising a conference on digitisation and digital preservation at the University of British Columbia, Vancover, Canada in September 2012.


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