ONIX for Preservation Holdings

As part of our efforts to simplify the data ingest process, EDINA has participated in a working group to extend the ONIX for Serials format to handle specific e-journal preservation information requirements.  This cross-sector working group also included representatives from a number of archiving agencies participating in the Keepers Registry.

The ONIX for Preservation Holdings standard (http://www.editeur.org/127/ONIX-PH/) has now been made available in a draft v0.21 and is now undergoing pilot exchanges.  On conclusion of the pilot, the message will be modified as necessary and released in a formal v1.0.

At EDINA, we are encouraging prospective and new archiving agencies to implement the ONIX-PH standard when supplying data to the Keepers Registry.  We also plan to encourage existing institutions to adopt the standard, helping us improve the efficiency of our data processes.

To test the standard and to improve awareness of the structure of an ONIX-PH message, we have produced a simple sample file which can be used as a reference guide.  If other organisations make available sample or full files, we are interested in learning of these and pointing others towards them.

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