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Organisations that are archiving e-journals and other e-serial content are invited to apply to join the Keepers Registry.

The Keepers Registry provides a public and global record of who is looking after important digital content. It also acts as a ‘showcase’ for the organisations worldwide that have stepped forward (as Keepers) to offer stewardship for long-term access to scholarly statement and a significant part of cultural record in digital form. Building on that, the Keepers Registry can also provide the evidence base to alert libraries and others to the digital material that is at risk of loss.

The ISSN International Centre is an active partner in the Keepers Registry and this means that each Keeper has the opportunity to have metadata validated against the ISSN Register. This helps ensure the accuracy of the Keepers Registry as an authoritative and global source of information on archival status.

There is little doubt about the importance of these new Keepers of digital content and of the international character of the challenge. Libraries across the world no longer have physical custody of digital works in the way they once did for printed hardcopy.  The Keepers Registry as a lens onto e-archiving has been successful because it has involved many of the main archiving organisations, including those that are national libraries, those that are cooperatives of libraries acting together and those that are third-party ‘web scale’ organisations. However, our records show that only about 20% of the e-serials assigned an ISSN are being actively archived by those Keepers. Part of the challenge is to encourage more publishers to engage with existing Keepers, and we encourage additional organisations undertaking e-archiving to join the Keepers Registry.

Organisations that are archiving e-journals and other e-serial content are invited to apply to join the Keepers Registry by completing this form:

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This information will be used by Keepers Registry Support Team to confirm eligibility and will be input into the first draft of the public statement made about each Keeper – for examples for current Keepers see links from our home page.

Please review your organisation and e-archiving activity using the criteria listed in the form and send the completed form to the EDINA helpdesk at

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