Development Roadmap

This is a summary of the implemented and planned developments for the Keepers Registry.  This will be updated in the light of progress made.

Future work

  • Provide information for titles with a valid ISSN which are not reported as archived in both search results and the title list comparison service.
  • Explore how the API can be used to provide data to external services.
  • Make information and data reports available to Keepers through a dedicated Keepers area in Member Services.
  • Enhancements to the title list comparison service.
  • Filtering of search results.
  • Improved readability of per-title archival coverage metadata.
  • Improved accessibility for non-English language users of the Keepers Registry.

Achievements to Date

  • Introduction of a Member Services area.  We introduced a new Member Services area containing additional functionality, such as the title list comparison service.
  • Title List Comparison service.  Our Title List Comparison feature helps you discover the archival status of a list of serial titles important to you.  Registered members can upload a file of e-journals and receive a report reporting the titles and volumes that are being preserved and those which are ‘at risk’ of loss.
  • Machine to machine interface, now available in the Member Services area.
  • Persistent URLs allow individual records to be referenced.


  • Statistics and Reporting: display of the total number of titles with at least one volume either Preserved and/or In Progress

October 2011

  • Rebranding as the Keepers Registry Beta Service with the addition of:
    • Browse by title
    • Browse by publisher
    • Improved front page, with news and simplified access to archiving agency information

April 2011

  • Initial launch of the PEPRS Beta Service with the following functionality and information
    • Search by Title or ISSN (e-ISSN, p-ISSN, ISSN-L)
    • Archiving Agency Information
    • About
    • FAQ
    • Help
    • Terms and Conditions of Service
    • Feedback mechanism


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