Swiss National Library joins the Keepers Registry

We are very pleased to welcome the Swiss National Library as the thirteenth archiving organisation to join the Keepers Registry.

Swiss National Library

The heart of the Swiss National Library is its Helvetica collection; everything which is published in Switzerland or written by Swiss authors, as well as foreign publications dealing with Switzerland and its inhabitants, and translations of works by Swiss authors in all languages.  Every publication, from Swiss daily newspapers to novels, from documentaries and yearbooks to official publications and geographical maps; the collection contains over 5 million documents – everything on and about Switzerland.   Its e-Helvetica service works to safeguard Switzerland’s digital cultural heritage over the long term and ensure that it remains accessible to future generations.

National libraries have historically taken a leadership role in identifying, collecting and stewarding content published within their country, and are uniquely experienced in collecting ‘long tail’ publishers. Given the international nature of publishing today, and the extent of the ‘long tail’ still to be archived, national libraries have an important role in ensuring preservation coverage is increased around the world. The Swiss National Library is the fifth national library to join the Keepers Registry, alongside the British Library, the National Library of the Netherlands Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the Library of Congress and the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

For more information about the Swiss National Library’s approach to archiving and contribution to the Keepers Registry see the Archiving Agencies section of the Keepers Registry and the Swiss National Library’s own website:

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